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HelioScout Announces North American Launch of Candidate Analytics Platform to Improve Talent Vetting, Prioritization, and Diversity

Using cutting edge technology and delivered by a founding team with a track record of success, platform provides candidate data retrieval, analytics, and predictive modeling

SAN FRANCISCO –  July 16, 2020 –  8:00 AM Pacific Time -- HelioScout today announced the launch of its new candidate analytics platform which leverages advanced machine learning and natural language processing to instantly put critical insights about candidate talent, availability, and diversity into the hands of recruiters.


As the demands placed on recruiters grow, HR teams have a critical need for technology which improves both the efficiency and quality of hiring decisions. HelioScout provides such a solution through its candidate analytics platform which boosts clients’ ability to rapidly prioritize and vet applicants while enhancing the diversity of their applicant pools. Founded in 2019, HelioScout has been building an impressive roster of customers across the social media, financial services, real estate, healthcare, insurance, and human capital management sectors.


Recruiters face challenges when vetting candidates because critical context and information regarding applicants’ skills, professional experiences, and work patterns are not captured on applications and online profiles. This problem is magnified for entry-level roles where employment histories and educational information are already relatively thin. Recruiters are faced with the dilemma of whether to spend valuable time individually researching candidates themselves or making critical decisions with limited information.


HelioScout breaks this compromise by seamlessly retrieving the most pertinent candidate information from public sources, enhancing it with state-of-the-art analytics, and displaying it to recruiters through intuitive data visualization. In addition, HelioScout supports clients’ diversity goals by providing insight into candidates’ experiences with analytics on the key communities and largest industries within locations they have lived and studied.


“At Dubsmash we know that in order to deliver a top-notch product you need top-notch talent working on it from start to finish, so gaining additional insight into candidates’ experiences, skills, and fit is critical in this labor market,” said Suchit Dash, Co-Founder and President, Dubsmash. “HelioScout not only provides that ability, but their instant retrieval of candidate analytics and predication of applicant interest improves recruiting efficiency as well. It is this combination that makes HelioScout so unique and valuable.”


HelioScout’s candidate insights are available not only for active candidates through turnkey applicant tracking system integrations but also for online profiles through the HelioScout Browser Extension. Furthermore, HelioScout’s dynamic predictive models estimate in real-time how likely an individual is to change jobs in the coming months based on thousands of variables identified within their profile and related retrieved data. With the power of advanced machine-learning models at their disposal, recruiters can efficiently prioritize and engage the very best talent online.


HelioScout was co-founded by Aman Alexander (CEO) and Ryan Aminzadeh (CTO). HelioScout’s founding in 2019 followed their previous successful HR venture, Sunstone Analytics, which created custom assessment algorithms for Fortune 500 companies across the retail, financial services, and consulting sectors. Sunstone Analytics was sold to CEB in 2015, now a subsidiary of Gartner, where the two stayed on as Product Heads through 2018. While at Sunstone, the two were acutely attuned to the immense power of HR analytics but also the lack of companion solutions for recruiters.


“Companies are simultaneously aiming to improve time-to-fill, retention, diversity, and performance, however their recruiters aren’t being provided with the technology to do so,” said Aman Alexander, co-founder and CEO. “HelioScout does not seek to replace, but rather to enhance, the role of recruiters by supercharging them with the most valuable, actionable insights on candidates. This complimentary approach has yielded phenomenal feedback from our users and we are excited to push their capabilities even further.”

About HelioScout

HelioScout improves hiring efficiency and outcomes by putting critical information about candidate skills, experiences, and predicted interest into the hands of recruiters and hiring managers. HelioScout was co-founded by a CEO-CTO team with a successful track record of developing, scaling, and implementing innovative HR analytics solutions to Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries.


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